To help you decide which days you want to come to Moorvue, we have a weekly timetable of activities. We offer a different set activity each day as well as the option to help out Stephen with general tasks in the workshop and around the farm to gain practical work skills.

Monday – Computers


Our large IT suite is a great place to learn how to set up and use email, make posters, write letters and learn how to safely explore the internet. This is a popular activity, and there is an option of gaining a recognised qualification*.

Tuesday – Animal Care

We have a huge animal care section at Moorvue, with a large variety of animals including:

  • a Shetland pony
  • reptiles – skinks, bearded dragons, water dragons & turtles
  • fish
  • birds – rheas, chickens, parrots, budgies & kakareekes
  • small mammals & rodents – chipmunks, rabbits, guinea pigs, degus & mice

Students are taught how to care for the animals: cleaning out hutches and home environments, checking general health, correct food & nutrition. This course is also taught on a Friday as it is so popular.

learn animal care at Moorvue

Wednesday – Work Skills & “The Wednesday Club”

On Wednesday mornings we work across the site developing work skills in horticulture, gardening and general maintenance.

Moorvue is a large site with a mixture of landscaped areas, lawns and commercial poly tunnels. In the 5 tunnels we grow a large variety of fruit and veg alongside flowers and shrubs which are used in the gardens. The tunnels are large with full wheelchair access, meaning that we can offer this activity in all weather conditions.

In the afternoon we now have the Wednesday club when the students choose a leisure based activity for the group. Recent activities have included a board games day and an Easter egg hunt and planned activities for the future are cooking, walks, music, sports, talks, health and beauty, colouring, drawing and day trips just to mention a few.  We have monthly meetings where we plan for the next month and the computer group on the Monday type up the minutes of the meeting and the up-coming diary and post this on the notice board.

enjoy horticulture at Moorvue

Thursday – Arts & Crafts

Always a fun and popular activity. Students can explore a wide range of different materials and methods of creating things, with many activities themed to suit the time of year. The team from Cornwall College join us this activity to give you the option of gaining a recognised qualification*.

Enjoy arts and crafts at Moorvue

Friday – Animal Care

This is our most popular activity, so we run it twice! The team from Cornwall College join us this activity to give you the option of gaining a recognised qualification*.

Day Trips & Special Events

Sometimes we like to celebrate a special occasion or have a trip out to a local attraction. So far we have been to: Culdrose Air Day, Tehidy Country Park, Train trip to St Ives, Country Skittles, Paradise Park, Duchy College Animal Centre. Where shall we go next!


* The team from Cornwall College join us on most days, which means that you can do activities for fun or work towards a qualification – the choice is yours! You can improve your numeracy, literacy and general skills while enjoying the activities and get a recognised qualification at the end.