Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start at Moorvue?

If you think you would like to join Moorvue we suggest these few steps:

  • Come for a short visit to meet us and have a look around.
  • Come for a trial day.
  • Next step is to try and get funding.  Most people get this through Adult Social Care.  This can be difficult to source funding.  If you don’t have a Social Worker then you may have to make a referral to Adult Social Care.  Some people self-fund.
  • Once funding is in place then you can start at Moorvue.

What are your opening hours?

We usually arrive about 9.30 am and start the day with a cup of tea.  We start work at 10.00 am.  Short break at 11.00am.  Lunch at 12.15pm.  Last break at 2.30 and we go home at 3.00pm.

Do you provide transport?

We provide transport from central Penzance only.  There is no charge for this.  (there is only limited spaces on the mini bus)

Do you provide lunch?

Lunch is not provided, clients bring their own packed lunch or microwave meal.  Tea, Coffee and Squash are provided free of charge.

Is there a waiting list?

There is not a waiting list at the moment, we have places available on most days.

What happens if I want to stop attending Moorvue?

If you should wish to stop coming at any time we do request a months’ notice if possible.  We also ask that you can give us some feedback on why you wish to leave as this is always helpful.  Just remember a problem shared can be a problem solved.

Who can use the respite facility?

At the moment the respite accommodation are for those who can come with their own carers or for those who need limited support.

Do I have to join a college course? 

No – joining a course is just an option for you, it is not compulsory.